Author: Lyda Mclallen

target Audience

How To Find & Target Your Actual Audience

Who is your target audience? If you weren’t able to answer that question instantly it might be time to re-research your target audience. Or if your answer was ‘everyone’ than you need to re-think your answer. When it comes to defining a business or creating a marketing strategy you must ALWAYS start by researching and…
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A Link Building Strategy for SEO

What is A Link Building Strategy for SEO and How Does It Drive Traffic?

A link building strategy for SEO will help you achieve a higher page ranking on search engines. Each link that points to your website acts as a vote. The more votes you get the higher you are ranked on search engines. Links are a strong part of the search engine ranking algorithms. By having a…
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Red Queen Book Review

The Red Queen Book Review

I have to admit, I am a notorious binge reader. I was a Netflix-esque binge reader before Netflix was even a thing. This is especially the case during my younger days. I would stay up all night reading until I was up-to-date with a series. When I was younger I would devour Narnia, Hunger Games,…
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Launch Your Book Like Apple Launches Phones

Are you preparing to launch your book? Not sure where to start? Launching a phone, a toy, or a new app is similar to launching a book. Before you start planning your book launch, research what tactics other companies used to launch their products successfully…such as Apple. Apple launches are the stuff of legends; they…
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Micro Influencers

Micro-Influencers Prove Less Can Be More In Marketing

The newest trend in digital marketing is utilizing a micro-influencer strategy. Brands are shifting away from the regular social media celebrity to people with fewer followers. They are now using strategies that focus on the qualitative rather than the quantitative aspects of social media influence to obtain audience engagement. The Influence Of The Micro-Influencer When…
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